Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Can Still Remember the First Day We Met

We were out one evening and this song idea came into existence due to a comment from the love of my life.

About; how,where,when we first met and life's journey so far.

This song is about love at first sight and the remembrance of that magic moment.

Even though we have been together for 25 years, everyday seems like a first day and every date like a first date.

I composed and wrote this in 20 minutes, the fastest, I think. I have ever written a song before in my life.

the very first song I wrote for G. took me almost 20+ years to complete due to the everyday distractions of Life, Work and Family.

I hope you enjoy/tolerate my first foray into the Country/Blue Grass style of genre.

I tend to usually stay close to my Funky Folk Roots.


mutleythedog said...

I shall listen to it - I promise....

The Old Tarf said...

Mutley-Hey, I hope you had a great weekend. Thank-you for listening to it.

Trubes said...

Darling Tarf, that is such a moving song, how romantic you are !
Thanks for your kind comments on my Blog and I will be in touch soon. It`s my birthday tomorrow so DT and I are going to our favourite Inn for a little bit of spoiling.
Do you kmow how Merms is doing ? She did say she would e-mail me but nothing to date. I do hope she is ok, perhaps she is with you and Mrs Tarf ?
lots of love to you all,


The Old Tarf said...

Happy B'day. Have fun in the lakes.
check your last blog,.

Merms-is fine, still in london.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Bravo and nice song. I think Don Williams might enjoy singing that one.

The Old Tarf said...

GB- I had to look up who Don Williams was, as He is old school Country and Western. I did not know any of his material.

So , Congratulations to yourself on the Publication of your Book. I followed the link, Sam- put in and went to Yahoo. I hope it becomes a Best Seller.

electro-kevin said...

Ha ! Great stuff, Old Tarf. I must borrow a digital camera and post some of my own.

I notice your G maj chord is very ... economic. Pinky on the top string. I still use the 3rd finger on the top string meaning a lot of movement - unnecessary I suppose, especially if moving from C maj which happens a lot.

Learn a new thing every day and it's barely evening here.


The Old Tarf said...

EK- It was a shortcut I used at the start. Easier change for the G7th and G6th as well. It also forced me to use my pinky more and able to get more strength into it for the Bar Chords.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I use my pinky to pick my nose

electro-kevin said...

Tut tut, Mermaid.

Don't blame it on the sunshine,
Don't blame it on the moonlight,
Don't blame it on the good time,
Blame it on the BOOGER

Apparently this Jackson 5 hit was written on guitar - by someone with your filthy habit.


sabrina said...


I had tears in my eyes just reading the post! Ye're turning the Booby-one into a girl!!!!!!

The Old Tarf said...

Sabrina- So what were you before?