Thursday, November 3, 2016

 Well, it has been a very long time  since my last post and things have changed. First we  just bought a sweet little one bedroom log Home/Cottage up in a place called Tatamagoughe. Yes that is a real name is on the Norththumberland Strait between PEI and Nova Scotia.The place is if you want to follow the website and have a look. We purchased unit #5.

It was a roller coaster of highs and lows getting things sorted for this place and  the Bank finally got it's act together after saying yes and then no for almost 3 months. We got down to 2 days prior to closing to finally getting the actual approval for a small loan. Then yesterday found out that  I am going to be needing a Walker Rollator as my balance and walking are not that great anymore. Knew the day was going to arrive sometime but still hard to have to give up something else due to my Car Accident of almost 20 years ago. I got to dance with my Daughter at her wedding and so that was icing on the cake for me.

Found out I had a very old email address here on the  site so if any of you had tried to reach me I am sorry for not knowing.

2 weeks ago had someone  for somewhere hack into my computer and held it Hostage and wanted 500.00 to release it and  50.00 a month to keep it virus free. Yeah right, I know I wasn't born yesterday but changed  passwords and cancelled credit cards and such to ensure nothing went by the way to the Hackers. This was around the same time as the Bank was playing cat and mouse with us and my wife  lost her mother  who would have been 92 next birthday.

I was out selling Poppies for the Legion, gives me a chance to wear my Legion Blues and wear my medals. It was a busy day and  4 hours really seems like a  proper duty watch but least inside and  I do not get yelled at or put on report for falling asleep at my post. Oh wait that sounds like married life now. lol

 Off to the Lake Echo Lions  Club for supper meeting tonight and get a chance to see some old friends and have a few laughs.

Take Care.


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Trubes said...

Tarf, how are you ?
Such a long time since we spoke, I hope all is good with you,
Best regards,
Di xxx